Serving Legal Professionals and Citizens in the Bastrop, Texas area

Past Presidents

2010:  Aleta Peacock
2011:  David Collins
2012:  J. Marque Moore
2013:  David Bragg
2014:  David Bragg
2015: Barbara Bailey Bogart

2016: Caroline A. McClimon

2017: Caroline A. McClimon

Our Mission
Current Board Members

President: Caroline A. McClimon
Vice President: Bryan McDaniel
Treasurer: Dareld R. Morris III
Secretary: Sarah Newman-Altamirano
Member Executive Committee: Michael Sheehan

The Bastrop County Bar Association works collectively to preserve high standards of integrity, honor, and courtesy within the legal profession; promote positive relations among the judiciary, legal profession and community; advance the professional interests and education of its members; and facilitate the effective administration of justice, while maintaining the historic collegiality of the association and its members.

Bastrop County Bar Association

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Committees & Chairs

Scholarship Committee, Chair: Marque Moore
Yesterfest Drama Committee, Chair: David Bragg
Mediation/ADR Committee,  Chair: Hon. Frank Evans
Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Chair: Michael Sheehan
New Court Committee, Chair: Derek Van Gilder